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Last year my family and I flew to New DelhiΒ and then JaipurΒ for our family friends’ wedding. We thought that it would be nice to have a longer trip and explore what India has to offer. And so we did explore. It’s absolutely beautiful. The culture, the people, the nature, the atmosphere, the smell of spices on every corner… I’d love to go back to visit and see even more, because it’s such a huge country with so many different cities, towns and places to see and wander around. Obviously we went on a trip to see Taj Mahal in the city of Agra. It’s soooo huge! And the vibes? AMAZING. So peaceful, calming and out of space. I felt like I left the rest of the world behind me and walked into a new one. One that you leave with a different mind and mood. Unforgettable. So I hope you’ll enjoy the photos and like the post :))




place of true magic
place of true magic
indian wedding style is YUMMY!
indian wedding style is YUMMY!







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