Hello 2016, starting in Louis Vuitton! IMG_5197

HELLO! And welcome to 2016 yayyy! :)) I am so excited for the new year. It’s always nice to start fresh, bring out a new self, maybe write down some resolutions and goals that you would like to achieve in the new year. I always think that I’ll make a list of goals and changes I want to make but I rarely stick to them but this year, my main top resolution is working hard on my blog as well as my blogging skills in general and hitting the gym regularly. I have been trying to go consistently, and it worked for some weeks and for some it didn’t… what a surprise. I really want to motivate myself and fall in love with the gym! πŸ˜€ (fingers crossed :P)

This is the first outfit post of 2016 and was taken on the last day of 2015. I went to town just to run a few last minute errands and to pick up some goodies in Louis Vuitton.Β While I was at the store, I managed to get some photos of what I wore so I hope you’ll like it :)) It was freezing cold, so winter finally came to Prague!!! YAY! πŸ™‚Β 

Happy New Year <3

xxx KM








a present from Louis Vuitton :))



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