May Random

Hello! πŸ™‚

I’ve decided to start doing something new here on my blog. I thought about sharing a monthly random “diary” post with all the highlights of each month. It’s kind of a form of reflection, looking back what each month brought and took. Also, it is going to be just simple things such as food, ootds and just the most random stuff, including trips, new place I visit and so on from every month. Let me know if you are interested in these types of posts and what you’d like to see here on the blog! <3


xxx KM



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Hair Care Products img_9091

Hello and happy start of a new week! πŸ™‚

I’ve put together my current hair products that I’ve been using recently. I tend to change the shampoo and conditioner that I use quite a bit during the year, depending on the season. However, I always stick to Kerastase brand because all the lines that I’ve tried were all really good. And I love the smell of their haircare; they smell amazing.

Currently, I am switching between the Resistance ThΓ©rapiste line and the Discipline Fluidealiste line. The Resistance line is for very dry/damaged hair; it’s an intense treatment that showed great results. I love it! The Discipline line is for all unruly hair, which I find I tend to have in the winter; my hair gets very thin and easily “electrified” because of the cold.

I wash my hair every other day and on the days that I don’t, I use the Batiste dry shampoo. I love all the different ones they make, either floral or the sweeter scented ones. When I do wash my hair, I use the appropriate after treatment, that works as a heat protectant ( I do blow dry my hair and use a straightener as well ) and also as a soothing, anti-frizz silky serum. My favourite hair comb is the Tangle Teezer, I use it for years.

What products do you love for your hair?


xxx KM









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what’s in my bag IMG_5839

Hiii! πŸ™‚

I’d like to share with you what’s inside my bag. I find myself switching up my bags quite a lot especially when the weather gets nicer, I just have more inspiration and motivation to change my bags. I try to put only the absolutely necessary items inside my bag, so I don’t “hurt” the bag with heavy and useless stuff in it. So obviously my phone, wallet, perfume, keys, tissues, mints and lip products. On sunny days, I’d throw in a pair of sunglasses as well. In general, Β I prefer to wear medium sized bags at most times, I rarely reach for small ones, but of course there are certain occasions where a small bag fits perfectly.

I hope you like the photos!

xxx KM














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