Louis Vuitton X Jeff Koons

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I have put together some photos from last week, when I went to see the new Louis Vuitton X Jeff Koons collection. The whole collection is based on famous, historical art pieces and the artists themselves. It is a collaboration that remixes the iconic artwork of the old masters and presents them in a way that encourages new interpretations. Jeff Koons who is an artist brought imagery from his long-standing ‘Gazing Ball’ paintings – a series of large-scale hand-painted reproductions of works by the Old Masters – to a range of Louis Vuitton products. The master pieces are Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci (1503-1506), Mars, Venus, and Cupid by Titian (1546), The Tiger Hunt by Peter Paul Rubens (1615-1616), Girl With Dog by Fragonard (1770), A Wheatfield With Cypresses by Vincent Van Gogh (1889).


It’s definitely an extravagant collection and the theme isn’t going to be loved by every woman out there. It’s also rather more expensive that the classic Louis Vuitton collections. I think that every piece in the collection isΒ absolutely beautiful. This collection is unlike any other Louis Vuitton has ever done. I think that it was a brilliant idea to connect historical, iconic master pieces of art and fashion. However, it is truly unique and bold at the same time. It’s not going to be everyone’s style and I know that people are quite sceptical about the whole meaning/idea behind this collection but to me it’s beyond perfection. It has a lot to do with the fact that I do appreciate art a lot, it runs in my blood after all. My family shares deep love for antique pieces and master paintings. Thus I was brought up understanding the value of old pieces and appreciate them for everything they’re worth. And trust me, collecting art pieces and antiques is addictive – my family taught me well. Anywhere we travel, we ALWAYS visit the museums, galleries and anything of national/international historical value. We treasure those because they are all filled with stories and their worth is beyond this world.

So, after reading what I had to say about the whole meaning of these items for me, you can probably tell that I did pick something… πŸ™‚ Can you guess which master is the closest to me? I can tell you that I went for a Neverfull… :)) Also, it takes up to two months to get your hands on the specific items you’ve paid 100% for in advance and have ordered. You cannot buy any of the items that are in the stores on display, you have to just pay and wait till it arrives! πŸ™‚

What are your thoughts on this collection? Are you a fan? Let me know in the comments below! πŸ™‚


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