Gucci DIY Event


Hello everyone! πŸ™‚

Today, I put together photos from an event that was happening earlier this week at the Gucci boutique in Prague. It was happening for only three days and it really was a once in a lifetime opportunity! You could be your own bag/jacket/blazer/shirt/shoe designer and create the designer item of your dreams.

The Gucci store has flown in their own designer that creates these unusual and unique pieces of lines that are highly popular around the world. The team had called my family and I to tell us and invite us to see the many possibilities to choose from and create a one of a kind piece. A piece of something that there would be nobody else owning the same one – personalised. The fact that there would only be one item like that excited me so much and so I began browsing through the bags obviously. The jackets were amazing as well, especially the denim one! But what can I say, I am a bag lover and a collector… πŸ™‚

I love anything that stands out from the crowds and catches the eye. I don’t like to go with the majority, or just because something is a temporary trend. I think it’s good to set your own path and dress/wear what you really love and feel comfortable in. Moreover, I love anything personalised, stamped, engraved you name it!

I admired the work and creativity that goes into these masterpieces. To me, this is art. It is a form of art, in one way or another. It was a really nice setting, accompanied by lovely people and I got to learn about how each piece is made, what materials can be used and that it takes two months for any item you pick and design to be done. But I am sure the wait is well worth the love I feel already! πŸ™‚

So I fell in love. With another bag. Again. Will this love ever end? NO. Can you guess which one? πŸ™‚


xxx KM


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April feels

Good afternoon to you all! πŸ™‚

April has finally arrived and I am so happy about it because it’s my all time favourite month! All the trees and flowers are blooming and the air is so fresh. I love the smell of spring. Blossoming trees and blooming flowers.

It was really sunny and warm on Saturday, so I took that chance and went up to this cherry tree alley and took photos. I kind of managed to go with the colour theme but I wore a really simple and comfortable outfit. Only if these blossoms would last longer and the weather would stay. I wish you all a successful week and I hope you’ll like this post.

xxx KM




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