Rio de Janeiro & Salvador got me vibin <3 IMG_4831

Happy Friday everyone!!! 🙂

As January has come to its end, I couldn’t help myself but reflect back on my Brazil trip that I went on with my sister a few years ago also in January. It was my second time to Brazil and I loved it even more than the first time I went! 😀  During my first visit we spent most of our time in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, which is also an amazing memory but as it was more inland… yeah I prefer the beach & ocean view hehehehe 😀 😛 Anyways, we flew from Paris to Rio and stayed there for five days or so, and then flew to the city of Salvador which is a beautiful ocean side vacation spot. It’s on the same coastline as Rio but it’s further North from Rio. Beautiful! In Rio, we stayed in a hotel right in the center by the famous and absolutely stunning Ipanema beach which is adjacent to the endless Copacabana beach. As well as the Copacabana with many Piña Coladas & Caipirinhas we enjoyed the rooftop pool with a stunning view and ohhh the sunsets… #stilldreaming :)))

I hope you enjoy the photos that I’ve put together! :))


xxx KM















IMG_4832 (1)













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Best of 2015 | food IMG_4251

Hii y’all! :)))

I was thinking about what post to do today and I thought why not put together all my favorite meals that I’ve lovingly eaten this past year. Personally, food is a big part of my life. I love eating good food and enjoying it with lovely people around me. I think food can taste so much better when you have the right people to enjoy it with 🙂 I don’t eat junk food ever. I like to treat myself once in a couple of months to a subway sandwich but that’s all. I try my best to eat healthy and avoid as heavy and greasy meals. I don’t eat beef and pork. Also, I don’t drink sodas, just green tea and sparkling water because it tastes better than still water and also kinda gives me the satisfaction of a “fizzy” drink! 😀 And I completely stopped using sugar to sweeten, I only use organic honey. 🙂 But I won’t give up occasional sweet sins. CAKE, aka my best friend. <3

In 2016, I’d like to step it up even more and avoid all meat except for fish – I love sea food and fish!

Are there some things you don’t/can’t eat? What eating habits do you want to change this year? Tell me in a comment below! 🙂

xxx KM




the bomb=raspberry soup


amazing cold cucumber soup


frozen milk chocolate with apricot purée


pumpkin soup


carrot cake


smoked chicken breast and potato salad


dark chocolate & nougat cake


salad with smoked trout


nutella pancakes


what do I even say?

IMG_4783 (1)

plum strudel


grilled sea bass & pineapple


juniper ice cream


baked beetroot



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Hello 2016, starting in Louis Vuitton! IMG_5197

HELLO! And welcome to 2016 yayyy! :)) I am so excited for the new year. It’s always nice to start fresh, bring out a new self, maybe write down some resolutions and goals that you would like to achieve in the new year. I always think that I’ll make a list of goals and changes I want to make but I rarely stick to them but this year, my main top resolution is working hard on my blog as well as my blogging skills in general and hitting the gym regularly. I have been trying to go consistently, and it worked for some weeks and for some it didn’t… what a surprise. I really want to motivate myself and fall in love with the gym! 😀 (fingers crossed :P)

This is the first outfit post of 2016 and was taken on the last day of 2015. I went to town just to run a few last minute errands and to pick up some goodies in Louis VuittonWhile I was at the store, I managed to get some photos of what I wore so I hope you’ll like it :)) It was freezing cold, so winter finally came to Prague!!! YAY! 🙂 

Happy New Year <3

xxx KM








a present from Louis Vuitton :))



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