Singapore Diary #2

Hiii! 🙂

I’ve visited Singapore for the second time after two years and I’ve decided to do an updated travel diary. I came back to see places I did during my first visit. Also walked through parts of the city that I haven’t had the chance to go to before.

However, all the information and places that are a must to see are all described in detail in the first “Singapore Travel Diary” from two years back.

I hope you’ll enjoy some of my highlights from the trip! 🙂

xxx KM

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October Random

Good Morning! 🙂

October is over and it’s almost Christmas or at least that’s how I feel. Anyone else? These past weeks and months have gone so so so quick and it’s not okay. I loved the month of October this year, it was so nice and warm outside. Just a perfect month of a warmer fall. I absolutely adore the colours, it’s so cozy and warming. Lilli loves taking long walks in the park/forest and this fall we’ve been really fortunate with the sun. I also went on vacation to Dubai again in October so my fall was really sunny! 🙂 I love going back there during this time of the year. I’ve included some photos from there as well.

Enjoy my October photos! 🙂

xxx KM


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